Opuntia Cactus 6" In Clay Pot

Item # PLA9100
Opuntia Cactus 6\" In Clay Pot

Opuntia or Little Bunny Ears Cactus is a deservedly popular and very easy to care for cactus often grown as a houseplant. Roughly 2 ft.-3 ft. H and twice as high at maturity, Bunny Ears is known for its distinctive stems (often incorrectly referred to as leaves), which are wide, flat ovals polka-dotted with tufts of tiny, barbed spines called glochids. Depending upon the plant’s specific variety, these glochids can vary in color. Yellow is standard, and one of Manhattan Florist, Manhattan flowers favorites, the Cinnamon Bunny Ears, has glochids of rust-orange. Whatever color you choose, Bunny Ears is a wonderful houseplant that looks fabulous, requires very little care beyond lots of sun and a quick drink of water once in a while, and has few disease or pest concerns. It’s a desert showpiece, but right in your home.

  • Indoors: excellent all year round throughout the US, super easy to care for - this sturdy plant is wonderfully fun and easy to grow
  • Outdoors: thrives outdoors anywhere in the US, just bring inside when temperature goes below 45°F, can be kept in a container or planted in the ground
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